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Let`s go to the movies. Start the art, move the grove, move like an automobil. Driving is what they call when a moving human being is moving an automobile. Driving force however leads me to air force, just another word for fart. Fahrt in German leads back to driving. We go in circles. Round & round it goes and when it stops nobody knows. Neither does anybody know when or where it started. Extraordinary times, extremely far away, right there in their exuberant presence. Exuberant I cut up into ex-uber=über-ant, which would mean: Aus über die/der Ameise, another ever moving creature. (N)ever mind. As I move along I lose my track. A zigtag path through the undefinde, through the mind. Before it gets deadly, before you find yourself stiff, make a swift escape, that is to say: move on. "He who is not busy being born is busy dying." comes to my mind. It`s like putting a spring into a standstill. What goes around comes around said the earth (never standing still) to the emotion (also always in action). As an act of exercise in fast speaking I suggest: what doesn`t pain the mind is in the main a pint. Have a beer after this stress in your vocal cords. I´m slightly out of it, roughly spoken. But this is only part of the freedom-of-movement-action. Strange enough: if nothing means NO THING we happen to be farer away from it then from anything else. At least the mover.

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