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Man ! Man alive ! Get this straight: he or she „ who is not busy being born is busy dying“. Is there life before death ? Ask Macbeth ! All the blood that is running through these men`s hearts. One with one wing only tries to fly. Another one wants to walk an inch above the ground. Oh no, what all they perform is not to say. It´s mentally too much. Mankind as such. Take a man-eater and his birthday cake: he does not look his age would mammy say. Man likes to play, whatever is humanly possible he is willing to handle. Conscious or not, he contrives a lot. Let me compose myself before I collapse. It may happen the other way around. (this text could be mangled beyond recognition easily. Many times.) Make it sort of short, man. Falling in love with mannequin. By far not the strangest on earth, this place which the human race shares with death & devil. & some other evil. In flowery words. Anyhow, the sun likes the human face. What else ? A marble knot of people. But the version with the man-slayer in the mantrap in the middle. „Man-hunt over“ is heard through the speaking trumpet. More power, more hours needed to become an man. For heaven´s sake, „ in the lap of death“. (Don´t mention it: don`t Menschen it). Where´s the men´s room in this maze, please ? Ladies first ! Mazy enough & amazing. Amen.

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