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There are wrong sentences & right sentences. May be something in between. & beyond. Sentenced to death. Is there life before death ? very far from a life by himself is the life with his wife. Another sentence. No misunderstanding, please. Select a sentence and sends it to coventry. Meet the sempiternal sempstress there, under sentence of death. A sentence to be quashed without sentimentality. Don´t be a buffoon. A simple sentence & a main clause got married. The subordinate clauses were best men & best women. A clean, a neat sensation. But which rule ? by leaps, sentence by sentence. A punctuation mark under the coffin-lid would probably help to leap up to one´s feet again until the degree of saturation is reached once more, no matter who else is jumping about in the dark. A shark os no good at playing leapfrog. Keep it in mind, otherwise you might hit the gravy, like the shit hits the fan. Not very satisfying. Say some other thing. Let´s go, let´s go stray. Lawless saftey ahead or should I say: a safe lawlessness ? mind your business.

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