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May I give you a piece of my mind ? but this is not even an original piece, just something that crossed & got stuck there as to form a point of view, for instance. Something to share, by the way. Out of this world, by the way. Not necessarily a singularity, such a standpoint. To pinpoint my standpoint. I´d say, with F.K., that I have to scratch the ground in which I stand under my feet first. This is travelling with me on a flying carpet. A spying muppet undert a shroud in a cloud has nothing to do with a point of view. If we mingle the issues totally, we could say that a point of view is always worth more than a canvas shoe. Time over. If I had a point of view it would be as if someone had slammed me into the ground unpopinted. Odd enough, if I think from where I started. What was it, I was going to give you ? in any case, you got more of a side-dish instead of a whole menue.

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