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Maturity & purity don`t help to define the devine, the eternal maternal. Man, what does men meAn or the other way around: men, what does man mEan ?? With double question mark. Nervertheless, men can be mean. Meanness certainly has something to do with bad character. In a food-for-thought-mood. Do me a favour, insipid dreamer: go juggle with pips & pins & put them in the creamer. The actor`s character is complex: he intrudes the lack of it upon the intrinsic principles or vice versa, but really fast. The distinguishing engagement is the part of the spectator (Speck-Täter) What happened ? An insipid human being got rolled around heaven all day. It`s not characteristic for the strong to act less. Revolution ? Where ? asked the backbone in spineless surprise but with adroitness. Apathy of change but sympathy for the devil & his collection of collective consciousnesses & unconsciousnesses. Oh, that breed of men, human dignity. Humming bird wish me luck. Figure out a week`s need of muddled minds for a proficient community & beware of its unprincipled self justice. Be fickle & play: attend a race of the gay. Have a wine.

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