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Since the world drives into an hilarious state of things one should climb a hilarious point of view. Crazy notion on sudden impulse. That`s how it goes: it occurs. The delirious is very real, I remember. Does it remind me ? I mean: Re-mind! As if I hadn`t had a mind before, that is to say: a mind that had to be re-minded. Re-paired. I couldn`t think of a better comparison. For example: what can you be thinking off ? Thing, as very close to think, I would establish as a verb- to thing, thinged, thinged. Shoot a stoppage into this thing. No verbalism. I say: I think & I say: I thing. Comes a tidal wave & asks: what do you think you are doing? Contemplation as such is for the guts. But it`s the "buts" that com up with something better than that. For instance with a smack. Or smash. Ideas on the leash come along. Like: the unimaginative ashes of love could be leaven. After the collapse we talk about it in heaven. If there is an incidence that triggers an afterthought. Otherwise we return to our point of view in a hilarious mood awaiting dinner hour. Have a drink.

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