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From earth. Headland of heaven. For heaven`s sake, heaven is my blue scarf. What a world. & when you leave out the "l" you have the word. Life again starts with "l" & soil ends on "l". Lovely primary matter that spread regardless of the seasons. I wonder about the consumption of soap bubbles. Is it the eye that devours the colours ? Once I flew until the earth made a turn & over the edge of the earth I disappeared. In Dreamington, where the windowpanes are made of frostwork I appeared. It did appeal to me when I heard someone say: why on earth, why in this world ? Beyond effectiveness towards efficiency. This kind of tricky thinking started way back already. & if you follow the rules the big wide world will end up in a lumb of clay so that the chief-cook with the club-foot can go about it one more time. To make it better ?
On one side you got the soil, on the other side Sir Connan Doyle. & everything is made of thin air. Even the moistened dirt you eat. With might the manifold real world is working on us & our gifted governors & the other talented monkeys who chew the gewgaw while another breed is razing cities to the ground. From earth. Like Disneyland. Land`s end. Everlasting rain upon Disneyland. The swallows hardly touch the earth if you survey it. Man, the great surveyor. Human beings seem to be just pimples on the face of the earth. What else on earth ? The rest of course. Let`s smoke some pokey pukey pot. From earth, of course.

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