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Piercing thought, a plot of thoughts, a knot of thoughts. Getting around it without question. To think, thought, thought. To fight, fought, fought. It ought to be allright, if you come up with wonders, forefather`s image, shadowgraphs, dream visions, appearences, parables, imaginations, ideas, conceptions (draw a curtain & think of conception control for a moment), notions, designs, purposes, plans, illusions, associations. I`d say: to whom it may concern, this whole world of thought. And nothing to complain about. Just a silhouette. A concentration, ceonceivable, compulsive, conclusive, concordant. Cognate notions. Conscious, unconscious. The world in between. Feelings, yes, behaviour, yes, patterns, yes, all of it creates realitiy, destorts reality. But what is essential & on which basis does it exist ? Obviously not getting around it without question. & here is one more: if I do not understand anything anymore, if I am subject to a total lack of ideas inmidst an overwhelming wealth of ideas, whose flight of thoughts, of fancy could seize me, which mental leap would save me from my brain waving good bye to me ? No joke, have another smoke.

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