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brain: rain, rain man, can count toothpicks, a whole box, when falling down, while falling down. Fall out, another birth of the brain. Hirngeburt. Hirngeburtstag, birthday of the brain. That which distinguishes .. extinguish. Take a tablecloth & rap the brain. The rapping brain. The machine. The soft machine. Making music while it works. & when the devil found out how to rock the baby stopped laughing. Full of dreams, full of tears, streams of fear. Playing with fire. Like a little atom explosion. In the library. Where the blow ups are stacked away. Embraced by the shelfs. Miles to go before making an assertion on desire & aversion. Poy & jain. Lofit & pross. Hove comes late. This is the regulation of dividing, hiding the division, the de-vision, the anti vision. The visionary virtual value of the brain as a member of the viscera. Miserable anatomy. Viscid matter, that brain thing. Wether simulated or real. It doesn´t matter. Fancy & fame. All the same. Traverse the distance. With Milly, the silly little brick brain. First stage of preparing a meal is brainwashing your hands. Then start brewing the bribeable brain into a chocolate kane. If you can, man. Serve chilled.

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