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laughter. Gain the again / to be agained / gain it to be.
& then start laughing. Rap the laughter around you. Burst out into roar, caressing the wild boar. In boffin´s bog wherre the peculiar lounges. & the lubber doesn`t come along with the liquor. That´s a proper reason to laugh at mother´s guts. Order a liquorice pizza meanwhile. In Long Beach. California. Particularly nonsensic. If this is not a word by now it is a word now. Now or never. (N)ever mind. Now, in a nice & delcate way, my never is witnessing Lizzie, the locomotive Llama, on his way to heaven. There at least the lunatics laugh. May be not, it´s so trivial. The rival of laughter ? Could that be the normal man ? The ridiculously normal man & his simple woman, his wife with whom he shares life in lascivious lapses though before getting laughed away ? Not having the laughter on one´s side. The laugh someone out of his language would be a special laugh down. & the expenses would be in the ditch. Realize: a stitch in time saves nine. Nine is neun & Nein is no. Here the wise man laughs in his sleeve, knowing who laufghs best he löaughs last. & takles a sip.

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