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© Franz Krahberger

Triest / Fever 1988

sass in chichis verwildertem garten
ueber vicos platz
auf einem langen steine
zapoteks strohfarbene schuhe
an den fuessen
but the hell, who and where is brea rin
know bran cruiz well
knows J.J. she ?

zitat: hop top, hop top hop
dont’t stop perestroika

went to Tschi Tschi’s local
Libero speciale
unter San Juste
die seefestung der wilden katzen

there james trunk a lot
mostly without money
but with a sharp vocalized
mouth tongue
and sharp brain
italo svevo pay’s the bill

bran cruiz triest
from pole to pole
sounds poseidons herald
once day:
aurore wills enlighten diane

Scala James Joyce
or Strudlhofstiege
may be the same

and the birds will sing
in early morning hour
yip, yip, yip, tschilp, tschilp

more love again
in bora bora sounding

written at trieste, in cafe rex
on paperserviettes

next time at port mont falcone

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